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Tahiti Destinations

Tahiti is a stunning mix of turquoise bays and crystal-clear lagoons, lush mountains, kaleidoscopic corals, and colourful tropical fish along with rich and fascinating culture. It dosen't matter where you choose to visit in the islands of French Polynesia, you will find paradise around every beach, bungalow or bure.

Tahiti is a great holiday destination for Beach Breaks, Family Holidays, a Friends Getaway, Luxury Holidays, Romantic Getaways and so much more.


The island of Tahiti is the heart of French Polynesia, home to its capital Papeete, which brims with colour and life, and is your international point of arrival. Beyond the city lies a land of lush valleys, volcanic mountains and intriguing archaeological sites. Take the coast road around the island – by coach or car – to sample some of the most magnificent coastal panoramas in the South Pacific, and head north for picturesque black-sand beaches and the breathtaking Arahoho Blowhole.

Things to do in Papeete:

  • Explore the beautiful waterfront and harbour, wonderful restaurants, nightclubs and many unique shops, boutiques and tourist attractions
  • Take a guided tour around the region to be introduced to some of Tahiti’s charming facets of both yesterday and today
  • Splurge at a luxury hotel where you can relax in tropical surrounds, swim with the fish in the resort’s lagoonariums, watch the sun sink into the horizon from an infinity pool or enjoy an overwater bungalow

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An Island of spectacular bays with jewel-green waters and magnificent beaches with turquoise waters. The underwater world is magnificent - divers may encounter turtles, sting rays or the many tropical fish amidst the spectacular coral. You will be in awe of the impressive mountain ridges and peaks thick with tropical fruit trees and agricultural fields. Whatever your diet requires you will find it here on Moorea, from tropical fruits, fine French and European cuisine to Polynesian feasts and treats.

Things to do in Moorea:

  • Visit Belvedere Lookout Point for stunning views of Mount Rotui, Cooks Bay and Opunohu Bay.
  • Swim with friendly manta rays and reef sharks off the beach.
  • Enjoy a fun night out at the Tiki Village Theatre. Polynesian crafts, culture and dance come together for an experience that is both educational and entertaining.
  • Snorkel in the pristine waters of Moorea’s lagoon to frolic with the colourful fish and see thriving corals up close.
  • Cross over from Tahiti by ferry – watch dramatic green mountains rising in front of you as you approach Moorea for an awe-inspiring experience.

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Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful and idyllic locations in the world, with the the lagoon linked to the ocean by the Teavanui pass. This natural swimming pool offers a large variety of aquatic activities such as diving, sailing, jet skiing, snorkelling or even cruising in glass bottomed canoes. Try them all, or just relax and soak up the beauty of this island paradise.

Things to do in Bora Bora:

  • Have your breakfast delivered by canoe to your overwater bungalow.
  • Enjoy a private picnic on your own motu - tiny islets in the lagoon.
  • Take home a treasured black pearl, perfume, oil or a handcrafted souvenir.
  • Just relax - after all, you are in Bora Bora!

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A pearl-lover’s paradise, Manihi is a two-hour flight from Papeete and the place to discover how to farm these gems of the sea. Visit the island’s stilt houses, which dot its lagoon, to learn the tricks of the trade, or spend your time exploring its inviting azure waters, which bubble with colourful fish.


One of the most stunning atolls in Polynesia, Tikehau is home to an exquisite circular blue lagoon lined with pretty pink-sand beaches. An hour’s flight north-east of Tahiti, it’s a relaxed and serene destination offering ample attractions, from snorkelling and diving with a colourful cast of tropical fishes, to birdwatching and meeting the largely traditional and laid-back people of Tuhera village.


Known as ‘The Garden Island’ due to its abundance of tropical foliage and, one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia. There are two islands within Huahine, Huahine-Nui (Big Huahine) and Huahine-Iti (Little Huahine). These two islands are connected by a bridge which makes it easier to travel and explore each island. Huahine is less visited by tourists, which makes it an ideal island for total relaxation and seclusion while exploring the beaches and inviting waters.


It has one of the world’s greatest diving areas which is surrounded by a string of coral in the turquoise lagoon. Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the world where 240 tiny islets or motus encircle the lagoon. Visitors will enjoy discovering the main villages of Avatoru and Tiptua with their coral churches, arts and crafts shops. Not to mention the fresh produce and inviting many water activities.

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