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Europe Holiday Destinations

History, landmarks, monuments, culture, adventure and festivals are just some of the holiday attractions Europe has to offer. Major cities are well connected and the urban adventures alone will create a unique holiday experience like none other. Visit different cities in Europe for their highlights or leisurely travel though regional holiday destinations and take your time discovering them. From the southern Mediterranean coast to the northern countries of Scandinavia, there's so much to see and do.

Italy - Once the centre of the modern world, Italy is home to some of Europe’s most incredible cities – Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence. Not to mention pizza, gelati and La Dolce Vita! Discover the ancient city of Rome and then explore the spectacular Amalfi Coast. Delight in driving through the picturesque hills of Tuscany and relish the world-class olive oil, wine and cuisine.

France - Renowned for being a romantic, beautiful destination, there is a part of France that appeals to everybody. Enjoy a romantic view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, savour a croissant whilst strolling along the Seine, or get lost on the Left Bank en route to museums and galleries. Explore France by car, sampling cheese and wine as you go. Drive through Bordeaux, taste real Champagne or soak in the glamour of the Riviera and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Spain - A diverse and passionate country, Spain’s modern architecture, vibrant music, colourful culture, and strong history is captivating. Its cities are full of life. Barcelona’s Las Ramblas is a particular gem with great street performers. Take time to meander through Madrid’s amazing art galleries and museums and experience an electrifying flamenco in Seville.

Germany - Germany is not all beer festivals and beer halls, although if you’re in Munich during Oktoberfest, you can be forgiven for letting your hair down with the locals. Steeped in history, just about every city has a castle or a palace. East Berlin still bears the bullet holes in its architecture so many years after the war. One of the best ways to see the countryside is to take a cruise along the Rhine River.

The Netherlands - Picturesque landscape abounds, so do as the locals do and kick off your clogs, hop on a bike, and take in the windmills, dykes and tulips. Take pleasure in people watching from an Amsterdam cafe, wandering the cobblestone streets, and uncovering avant-garde galleries or parks on the canal banks.

Austria - Austria is your chance to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir, explore the Alps, visit majestic castles dotted throughout the countryside or go shopping in the beautiful, bustling cities of Vienna and Salzburg, the original backdrop for The Sound of Music.

Croatia - Croatia is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe as well as a trendy holiday spot. Small in size but very diverse, Croatia combines superb Eastern tradition and Mediterranean culture. The capital city of Dubrovnik, also called the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, is rich in cultural and historical monuments and is UNESCO World Heritage listed.

Greece - Greece was once the cradle of western thought in literature, art, architecture and democracy. It now offers holiday makers a wonderful mix of history, scenic beauty, island splendour and Mediterranean sun.