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With more than 30 years in the holiday business, Viva! Holidays is dedicated to providing an extensive range of exciting and affordable holiday deals to cater for all travellers on all budgets.




Viva! Holidays offers more access, flexibility and range on holidays to Asia, USA, Hawaii, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and the Pacific. We recognise that not all holidays are the same. Some people like to fly straight to their destination, others prefer to stopover on the way. This is why we have partnered with an extensive range of world renowned airlines and work closely with them to ensure we can provide the best value for you to all our destinations worldwide.

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Viva! Holidays Accommodation Ratings

The Viva! Holidays accommodation ratings used on this site are provided as a guide only and may alter due to a change of circumstance. These ratings represent Viva! Holidays view, not official ratings.

 indicates deluxe property providing international standards of accommodation, cuisine, facilities and outstanding service.

 indicates superior property, providing well-appointed rooms, a wide range of facilities and a high standard of service. Expect a memorable experience with your stay

 indicates standard property with comfortable rooms, pleasant service and adequate facilities

 indicates moderate accommodation with comfortable furnishings and facilities

 basic style lodgings with shared or communal facilities