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Honeymoons & Weekend Escapes

Whether you’re after a romantic weekend escape, a honeymoon or a holiday to spend some time with your other half, Viva! Holidays have the right holiday package to suit your travel preferences.

Imagine an intimate getaway on an exclusive island with 5 star amenities; a weekend escape to the beach or the wine region; a night out watching a show followed by a drink in a trendy bar; or the honeymoon of a lifetime on a Pacific island with sweeping views of the ocean. There are lots of options when it comes to romantic holidays.

Wedding Packages

Wedding in an amazing destination is unique, memorable and romantic. If you're planning for your wedding and celebrations, check out our Wedding Packages suggestion in the tropics.

Visit our top romantic holiday destinations in the south pacific: Hawaii and Fiji. Hawaii is bustling with activities. Shopping, dining, entertainment, water sports or simply lying by the beach, the choice is yours! Fiji has a laid-back vibe with swaying palm trees, friendly hospitality, beautiful sunsets and lovely azzure waters as a backdrop. You can stay at one of the island resorts for a secluded retreat. For amazing value, you can't get pass the islands and resorts of Thailand and Bali.

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