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Planning your UK & Europe holiday has never been easier. Whether you want to book an entire holiday package including airfares, accommodation and sightseeing tours or just accommodation or a cruise and rail, we can put it together for you - the choice is up to you. Discover Europe your way with Viva! Holidays.

Check out our Europe holiday suggestions below or learn more about Europe with our France, UK, Italy & Europe destination pages.

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Dubai Stopovers

Dubai combines the excitement of a bustling city with luxurious resorts and eastern traditions with Western modernity. To sample the local flavour, walk the streets of the tranquil, restored Bastakiya area. For transit Passengers, escape the hustle of busy Dubai airport and spend a few hours in the Dubai International Airport Lounge T1. From around $40 per person, you receive 4 hour stay, drinks, snacks, alcohol, WiFi access, comfy seating and a range of luxurious services at your disposal.

Dubai has so much to see and do including free things to do, cultural must dos, adventure activities, family activities and more! See our Dubai stopovers for more ideas - this is place that mustn't be missed!

Drive Holidays

Car hire and motorhome hire is always a popular way to explore UK and Europe. Generally the roads are of good quality and well signposted. The scenery is spectacular and ever-changing so you’re sure to find plenty of points of interest to stop and explore along the way. And for your convenience, one way rentals are permitted between countries too – pick it up here and drop it off there!

Hiring a motorhome also gives you the freedom to choose to travel the journey of your dreams. Find your own ideal place to stay or road to take. Choose your suggested routes, places to see, recommended campsites or speak to the team for their expert advice! Motorhomes are also accepted on all ferry and Eurotunnel crossings.

Rail Holidays

Discover the Rail Journeys Experience

Holiday Your Way

Take your time to explore the riches of Europe. From the cobblestone streets of London to Paris and the Tuscan countryside, there’s plenty to see and it’s great to explore all the sights as you please. The following suggestions will help you make the most of your holiday:

  • Use an accommodation pass throughout the UK that suits your budget. There are hundreds of properties throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to choose from
  • Mix and match some amazing tours around the UK and Europe - from cooking classes in the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, tradtional Flamenco dancing in Spain, or discover the rich culture of Scotland and Ireland. There’s a tour for everyone!
  • The climate in UK & Europe is varied but there are usually 4 distinct seasons - decide what you like best about each season and work it into your holiday. You could see snow in Venice or cruise the waterways during the peak summer season. There are pro's and con's of both!
  • Enjoy some of the best beaches around Europe & the UK for some summer fun!