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Experience Samoa's stunning natural beauty and attractions

Just five hours from the east coast of Australia and across the glistening Pacific lies the Treasured Islands of Samoa – voted the best value destination in the South Pacific.

Samoa is a top holiday destination for Beach Breaks, Family Holidays, Friends' Getaways and Romantic Getaways.

Make your way around the islands and you’ll discover spectacular tourist attractions including waterfalls, dramatic blowholes, stunning coral reefs and crystal clear lagoons, where you can swim with turtles.  Samoa boasts the most pristine beaches with dazzling white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters.

Life ambles at its own measured pace and it’s not just because of the balmy tropical weather. With the average temperature at 30 degrees Celsius, no wonder there is a smile on every face that greets you. In Samoa, the smiles are infectious and come from within – a sense of security that stems from a nation that is both politically and economically stable.

Samoa boasts an array of properties to suit all types of traveller and all types of budgets from beach fales, that kiss the water’s edge, to family friendly resorts.

Considered the cradle of the Polynesian culture, Samoa boasts a 3,000 year old tradition found nowhere else in the South Pacific called Fa’a Samoa – The Samoan Way.  It’s a tradition that stems back thousands of years and is the Polynesian culture at its most authentic.  It’s a way of living that celebrates and upholds traditional values and means family comes first, respect is important and Sunday is a day of rest.

Tourist Attractions in Samoa

  • Visit Apia’s Markets and discover exotic fruits, vegetables and seafood along with detailed hand crafted wood carvings
  • Take a day trip to Lalomanu Beach, one of Samoa’s most pristine beaches
  • Explore towering rainforests and be captivated by wondrous waterfalls
  • Swim with green turtles at Savaii’s Satoalepai village Wetland Sanctuary
  • Go for a surf at one of Samoa’s many great surfing beaches
  • Attend a local Sunday church service and be inspired by the locals way of life
  • Experience a Samoan Siva and get lost in the beauty and grace of this Polynesian dance

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