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Canada is the second largest country in the world by area, spanning almost two-fifths of the continent of North America. Its landscape is endlessly varied, ranging from the Canadian Rockies, to wide open prairies and immense pine forests, world-famous lakes and even Arctic tundra in the north.

British Columbia

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province, surrounded by mountains in the west and ancient temperate rainforests along its coast. In between lie numerous unique landscapes, spanning from lakes, to desert, to beautiful rolling grasslands and lush valleys. The indigenous peoples of the region have inhabited the landscape for an estimated 10,000 years, and their living traditions can still be enjoyed today through art, food, guided tours, and unique cultural experiences to really immerse yourself in the local culture.

Limitless Nature, Vibrant Culture

Feel your heart stop when a bear lumbers into sight along a rocky shore, or a humpback whale gracefully flips its tail in the Pacific Ocean. Touch calm waters as you paddle a canoe across a glacial lake, or dip into a natural hot spring.

Where Nature is Nurtured

From massive mountain ranges and windswept beaches to rainforests overflowing with life, British Columbia’s cities and towns share a deep connection to the wild that surrounds them. Find one that calls to you.

Every Journey Starts with a Story

Stories of the ancient rainforests, colossal mountain peaks, and remote towns of British Columbia have been passed around campfires and barstools for centuries. See how BC’s rugged nature has reconnected explorers to the wild within and gather the kindling to spark your next adventure.

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